Find your own Voice. Take control of your own life.

If you are seeking the skills and resources to build a successful future, then the Pape Adolescent Resource Centre is a refreshing alternative as a safe, accepting resource for youth and former youth in care who are making the transition to adulthood.

Since 1985 we've been helping young people in care from the age of 15 prepare for independent living - because you have the power to be anything you want to be.

Learn to take action. Learn to reflect on your own decisions.

We encourage you to take ownership of your life choices. At PARC we call this process "speaking out." We'll provide a safe and supportive environment to speak out and make those important life decisions.

Be part of an exchange of ideas and information. Youth are encouraged to support each other and participate in many activities, groups and day-to-day life at PARC.

Part of having a voice at PARC may take the form of participation in speaking/orientation sessions at children's aid societies and other community agencies. PARC youth are advocates for other youth in care. Outreach to Hungary, Japan, and Jamaica has resulted in the organization of international cultural learning exchange tours.

Opportunities exist for older PARC youth to be leaders, assisting and teaching other youth through groups and workshops. Youth can help facilitate workshops on topics from healthy relationships to small business development. Youth at PARC also participate in community events and organize conferences for other youth in care, city and province-wide.

Be part of this dynamic group of young people, while finding your own voice.

PARC is a safe community and a point of connection where you have the opportunity to develop or receive support from the staff and other youth. Some youth find PARC provides them with a sense of belonging and as a result, many youth choose to give back to the other members of the community by becoming involved in and leading various programs and support networks that develop inside PARC.

You can participate in cultural activities to support and strengthen your own identity and the identity of your peers. Get involved in activities such as camping trips, and celebrations in the community.

If you are a company or individual who is interested in the support of our programs, be sure to contact us for donations. Any time is gift giving time and at PARC our youth and youth in care are always accepting of your generousity.