Vision Statement

PARC is a community that strives to be responsive the needs of youth as identified by youth.

The mandate of PARC is to empower youth to help themselves and each other through their transition to self-sufficiency, with the acknowledgement and recognition of their own personal power.

What we do and how we do it

PARC encourages personal and emotional growth, which may take the form of improved relationship skills, personal development and empowerment. PARC is a safe place to develop or get support in the area of education, employment tenancy and life skills.

Based on the sense of belonging, youth who initially require a good deal of support often move to a position of fiving back to the other members of the community by their leadership and involvement in a various programs and by the supportive networks they develop outside PARC.

PARC advocates to increase awareness of issues affecting youth and to develop new programs to meet their needs.