Since 1985, PARC has been helping young people in care from the age of 15 prepare for independent living. With the help of their staff, youth feel comfortable at PARC and are guided through the ups and downs of being a youth in care.

See what people have said about PARC

“PARC is a home away from home, with workers who are there to guide and assist us through our joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. Without PARC I am not sure where some of us would be."

-Youth in care.

“I met a lot of people at PARC who inspired and helped me. I can’t learn from someone who has a completely different lifestyle from mine. I joined a PARC group and discovered that the group facilitators and all other participants came from the same background as mine. I felt comfortable with them and this was hugely important to me. When you are a youth in care, you don’t have anyone to depend on. You don’t feel like you belong, even in high school, and as soon as you’re 18, you’re thrown into independence.”

- Former Youth in care.

Stop by the PARC house for a visit. Be yourself, be comfortable and get the help you need.